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Fillers: what, whom and why

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Dreaming of puffy lips and rounded cheekbones? Want to have an equal nose, a symmetrical chin and beautiful arms? Fillers to help you! What is it and what result can be achieved with the help of fillers, tells the surgeon, cosmetologist  Olha Petruk.

In what cases are fillers used?

In cosmetology, fillers are used for beauty: for  enlarging the lips  and cheekbones, non-surgical  correction of the shape of the nose (elimination of the hump), correction of asymmetry or shape of the chin, changes in the proportions of the face. Fillers are also used to eliminate age-related changes: correction of lips, nasolabial and purse-string wrinkles, large wrinkles of hands, the so-called barcode wrinkles above the lips, and so on.
Sometimes people incorrectly perceive contouring, confusing correction and caricaturism. Contour plastic is not intended to “inflate” lips! The main goal is to preserve naturalness, harmonize facial features, make him younger. Qualitatively made contour plastic is not conspicuous

What fillers do you use and what result can you achieve with them?

I work with two types of fillers: based on hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic  fillers) and based on calcium hydroxyapatite Radiesse.
I work only with original certified drugs. Sometimes cosmetologists use analogues - generics, the synthesis process of which is cheaper, which means the price is lower. In generics, the degree of purification is lower. It is clear that a less purified substance (namely, the impurities that it contains) can cause a reaction.
. Therefore, I consider the use of generics inappropriate, and I work exclusively with the original drug. Radiesse Calcium Hydroxyapatite. Filler allows you to create both volume and lifting, depending on the purpose. This is the only filler that stimulates the formation of your own collagen. Due to this, lifting occurs, the quality of the skin improves. With this drug, hands are often renewed with skeletonization, to hide the venous, expressed tendons.

When is hyaluronic acid used?

Hyaluronic acid is transparent, integrates well into tissues, attracts water, so it is used to increase the volume of lips and cheekbones. But the Radiesse preparation is not suitable for lips, a nasolacrimal groove, but they can be enlarged on the cheekbones, in which case the face has a more natural intelligent appearance. In a word, there are certain nuances of using these drugs, which we discuss during a consultation with a patient.

What is the procedure and how quickly can the effect be noticed?

After consultation, you can immediately enter the fillers in the desired area. The drug is administered once, but if necessary, docorection can be carried out.
The drug is administered by a safe tool - a cannula, which has a blunt end and due to this less injures blood vessels and nerves, gently pushing the tissues apart.
The procedure occurs with anesthesia. The effect after the procedure is noticeable immediately. Even hyperefect is possible, because sometimes the body reacts with edema. It arrives in two to three days, and in a week you can enjoy the final effect.

How long does the effect last?

The duration of the effect depends on the filler, but they are different. The effect of the administration of the Radiesse preparation can last up to 2.5 years, because the drug stimulates the production of its own collagen and continues the effect.
The effect of the introduction of hyaluronic acid lasts from 2 months to a year. If the procedure is done more than once, but regularly, the effect will be noticeable. It should be noted that the effect of the introduction of filler in different people can last differently, it all depends on the drug and the individual characteristics of the body. If a person has an accelerated metabolism and a large amount of the enzyme hyaluronidase is produced (and it is produced in all and destroys hyaluronic acid), the effect of the introduction of fillers will be less long, because they are excreted faster by the body.

What happens when a filler stops working?

Sometimes people think that after the action of the filler is completed, the skin will be outgrown and look «blown away». This will not happen! The skin is very elastic and returns to its shape, and therefore a woman in no case will look worse than before the introduction of fillers. The only thing that is important is to introduce a high-quality, highly purified certified drug that has passed the necessary studies.

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Юлія 2020-09-02
Доброго вечора!я б хотіла забрати міжбрівну зморшку і трішки збільшити губи.на коли б можна було б до Вас записатись?яка вартість такої процедури?мені 34 роки
Юліє, вартість збільшення губ - від 3800 грн., 1 доза філера - 350 грн., проте кількість доз визначає лікар після очної консультації. Запис на прийом - за телефонами, вказаними на сайті.
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Оля 2019-11-13
Доброго дня! У мене горбинка носа, думаю, якщо виправити філером ямку між чолом і носом, то матиму акуратний, чудовий носик. Яка вартість такої процедури з попередньою консультацією? Чи можу я зробити собі таку процедуру, якщо у мене псоріаз ( 2 останні роки не проявлявся) і планується вагітність?
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  • Марія
Давно мріяла зробити свої губи більш об'ємними. І от нарешті наважилась зробити дану процедуру в косметолога з медичного центра Боголюби. Побоювань на рахунок професіоналізму лікаря в мене не було, але дуже боялась уколів та болі, тому вибрала препарат з лідокаїном. Болі зовсім не відчувала і набряк був практично не помітний. Залишилась дуже задоволеною. Тепер маю губи приголомшливої форми!
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