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License :АГ №570604 Ministry of Health from 11.04.2011.
Lutsk district, Tarasovo village, 1b Lisova St. – Bogoliuby village (10 km from Lutsk city)
Patient admission schedule: Monday – Friday: from 9.00 till 19.00
The new clinic building is located outside the Volyn Regional Hospital building, next to the forest. The final stop of the city bus is No. 31, 47. You can reach us from the bus stop hotel 'Ukraine' opposite TSUM (department store -Central Universal Fashionable). If you are traveling by personal transport, the address for the navigator: Lutsk district, Tarasovo village, 1 b Lisova St.
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Modern medicine, the latest equipment

 Surgery in Bogoliuby of international level
Laparoscopic operations advantages
  • 1No abdominal incision
  • 2No scars
  • 3Almost no blood loss
  • 4Only 1-3 days in bed
  • 5Minimum pain
  • 6Almost no complications
  • 7Short operation - short anesthesia
Operating room advantages of Bogoliuby MC
  • 1Highly qualified surgeons
  • 2Operating room of International Standards
  • 3Equipment:
    • HD camera and LCD monitor
    • ultrasonic scalpel
    • morcellator
    • bipolar welding
    • high-frequency coagulator
  • 4 Operation recording to a flash drive for a patient
  • 5 Microbiological safety, aseptic operating room microclimate
Microbiological safety, aseptic microclimate of the operating room
  • 1Comfortable hospital wards with a bathrooms
  • 2Friendly staff
  • 3Nurse call button in the hosppital wards
  • 4Three meals a day
  • 5Wi-Fi
  • 6cable TV
  • 7Full drug support
Recommendations before laparoscopy:
  • Come to the clinic at the specified time (by appointment);
  • Do not eat or drink anything in the morning (as you need to be tested);
  • Take with you the results of examinations, (if you have any), and individual items (dressing gown, nightgown, slippers);
  • Make depilation at Bikini area at home;
  • light lunch (without bread and buns) on the eve of the operation
  • light lunch (without bread and buns) on the eve of the operation; 18:00 - kefir; until 21:00 drink only non-carbonated water (as much as you want); on the day of the operation, do not eat or drink anything
  • Make microclysters according to the instructions (̴ 20:00 and ̴ 6:00);
  • To have with you: a good spirit and faith in recovery.
Recommendations after laparoscopy:
  • Follow a diet (light soup, porridge, kefir, yogurt without filler, dried fruit compote fruit compote and tea without sugar) until there is an act of defecation (2-3 days from the date of operation);
  • Take the pills prescribed by your doctor strictly according to the instructions;
  • Limit physical activity.
We operate
Why do you have to choose our clinic?
The best specialists. Great experience of surgeons in conducting complex operations using the methods of leading European schools. The entire operating team of a high professional level. Quality anesthesia.
More than 35% of Volyn residents (Western region of Ukraine where clinic is situated) choose us (gynecological operations), and patients from other regions also come, including from the east, from the central region and south Ukraine.
  • Cholecystectomy
  • Appendectomy
  • Liver cysts removal
  • Hernioplasty of inguinal, femoral, umbilical, ventral hernias
  • Excision of a chronic anal fissure
Why do you have to choose our hospital?
  • The hospital wards are equipped with bathrooms, WF, TV, food in accordance with medical standards, a nurse call button, attentive staff.
  • Compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards, operating microclimate, instrument sterilization, disposable supplies for operations.
Masikov Oleksandr Volodymyrovych, laparoscopist surgeon.
Petrovskyi Vadym Valentynovych , Ph.D. in medical science Obstetricians-gynecologists, fertility specialist, laparoscopist surgeon « Quotation: “I love my work because it gives the feeling that I live not in vain”»
Kushnir Sviatoslav Volodymyrovych, Obstetricians-gynecologists, laparoscopist surgeon.
Patei Petro Mykolaiovych, obstetricians-gynecologists, laparoscopist surgeon.
Shpylka Vasyl Mykolaiovych, urologist.
Urology bilateral renal calculi laser lithotrips Transurethral resection of the prostate Operations on the testicles and appendages
Why do you have to choose bilateral renal calculi laser lithotripsy
the kidney and ureters are not injured
NO bleeding
Renal sand with renal calculi are excreted in urine
fast, atraumatic, safe, only one ultrasonic laser in the western region modern technology
Latex treatment of internal heamorrhoids Hemodynamic correction Chiva treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities Hysteroscopy Removal of lipomas, atheroma, hygroma, treatment of ingrown nail Elimination of phimosis, paraphimosis
one day surgery
Diseases that bothered for years can be eliminated in one day thanks to the skill of surgeons and modern technology.
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