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License :АГ №570604 Ministry of Health from 11.04.2011.
Lutsk district, Tarasovo village, 1b Lisova St. – Bogoliuby village (10 km from Lutsk city)
Patient admission schedule: Monday – Friday: from 9.00 till 19.00
The new clinic building is located outside the Volyn Regional Hospital building, next to the forest. The final stop of the city bus is No. 31, 47. You can reach us from the bus stop hotel 'Ukraine' opposite TSUM (department store -Central Universal Fashionable). If you are traveling by personal transport, the address for the navigator: Lutsk district, Tarasovo village, 1 b Lisova St.
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GYNECOLOGY IN MC - Diagnostics and treatment of women's health

Women health. This is a complex concept, including excellent health on the part of gynecological organs, reproductive function, that is, the birth of children, as well as a harmonious sexual life..
Healthy woman. This is a happy mother and wife. Women's health needs to be protected
Suspicions causes
  • Change in color, nature and consistency of vaginal discharge: normal vaginal discharge has a slightly acidic smell, transparent color and mucus consistency
  • Significant hair growth in atypical areas: above the upper lip, around the nipples, in the area of the white line of the abdomen
  • The appearance of discomfort in the genital area: itching, burning, pain
  • Occurrence of periodic pain in the lower abdomen, or the appearance of pain during intercourse
  • Disorders of the monthly cycle: the normal monthly cycle (the number of days from the first day of one menstruation to the first day of the next) should be regular and last from 21 to 35 days, the duration of the menstruation from 3 to 7 days.
  • The absence of the desired pregnancy during the year of open sexual life without the use of contraceptives (as defined by WHO, this condition is called infertility)
  • The appearance of discharge from the breast, not associated with lactation
Diagnostics of Bogoliuby MC Bogoliuby MC is an institution that specializes in women's health. The center is equipped with modern German diagnostic equipment for Carl Zeiss colposcopy and Karl Storz hysteroscopy, if necessary, tissues are selected for histology and biopsy. Ultrasound diagnostics of gynecological organs is carried out on a Toshsiba Aplio ultrasound machine, using a vaginal probe and color Dopplerometry. All laboratory tests can be done here, including the determination of hormones, infections, PCR (polymerase chain reaction) diagnostics, genetic diagnostics. Ultrasound diagnostics of gynecological organs is carried out on a Toshsiba Aplio ultrasound machine, using a vaginal probe and color Dopplerometry. All laboratory tests can be done here, including the determination of hormones, infections, PCR (polymerase chain reaction) diagnostics, genetic diagnostics.
Schepko Evgeniya Volodymyrivna, Obstetricians and gynecologists « Quotation: “Happy patients– me as well”
Vlasiuk Svitlana Anatoliivna, Obstetricians and gynecologists, laparoscopist. «… Quotation: “a healthy nation is the key to the country's development; Assistance to our neighbor, benefit to society - brings pleasure; and self-improvement is harmony; patient smiles - inspiration …;
Litvinyuk Yuriy Yakovlevich, anesthetist « Quotation: “When you look into the patient’s happy eyes, tiredness is leaving and your spirit is getting better, you get a feeling of inspiration and extraordinary pleasure from your work”;
Schepko Tetiana Volodymyrivna, Sonologist Most impressed with the words of M.I. Pirogova “The future belongs to medicine, which protects. This science, going hand in hand with medicine, will bring great benefits;
Humerova Oksana Oleksandrivna, Anesthesiologist « Quotation: “We love our patients, we create maximum comfort and convenience for them. We work so that patients recommend us to their relatives and friends ”; «
Petrovskyi Vadym Valentynovych, Ph.D. in medical science Obstetricians-gynecologists, fertility specialist, laparoscopist surgeon « Quotation: “I love my work because it gives the feeling that I live not in vain” »
Patei Petro Mykolaiovych, Obstetricians-gynecologists, laparoscopist surgeon.
Maryschuk Oresta Volodymyrivna, Obstetricians-gynecologists, fertility specialist « Quotation: “It is important that a woman’s life is high-quality and harmonious. The continuation of female youth directly depends on the hormonal balance, and to establish this balance is our duty”.»
Roiko Iryna Yurivna, Obstetricians-gynecologists.
Myhailiuk Nadiya Ivanivna, Obstetricians-gynecologists, fertility specialist . « Children are our future. Woman is the keeper of this future »
Suprunets Vitalii Leonidovych, Oncosurgeon, breast physician.
Pets Liudmyla Andriivna, Obstetricians-gynecologists, fertility specialist « Quotation: “Continuous self-improvement and development of a doctor is one of the main components of self-realization.»
Diseases that are treated at Bogoliuby MC
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases of the genital organs (colpitis, vulvitis, endocervicitis, bartholinitis)
  • Cervical erosion
  • External genital warts
  • Benign tumors and ovarian cysts, polycystic ovary
  • Endometrial hyperplasia , endometrial polyps
  • Uterine Fibromatosis Uterine Fibromatosis
  • Double vagina, two-horned uterus and other congenital malformations
  • Pelvic prolapse (uterine prolapse,, urinary incontinence )
  • Endometriosis of varying degrees
  • Disorders of the menstrual cycle (amenorrhagia, metrorrhagia, anovulatory menstrual cycles, hyperpolymenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, algomenorrhea)
  • Removal of benign tumors and breast cysts.
For cervix treatment in the Bogoliuby MC are used:
  • Chemical coagulation
  • Laser destruction
  • PX-conization
Laser use has a number of advantages:
  • Complete surface of the cervix healing after 2-3 weeks,
  • no scar left
  • Completely safe and recommended for those who are planning a pregnancy
  • duration is only 10 minutes
Hysteroscopy – microsurgical intervention. Optical device - a hysteroscope is inserted into the uterus through the vagina. Hysteroscopy allows you to see the uterine cavity from the inside, assess the state of the endometrium, detect the presence of polyps, adenomyosis, submucous fibromatous nodes or other intrauterine pathologies. Hysteroscopic removal of polyps, submucous nodes, endometrial ablation are short-term operations that are easily tolerated by patients and do not require hospitalization.
Advantages of laparoscopic operations in gynecology
  • 1No abdominal incision
  • 2No scars
  • 3practically no bleeding
  • 4Short operation - короткий наркоз
  • 5Only 1-2 hospital days
  • 6practically no pain
  • 7There are almost no complications
Advantages of operation center
  • 1 Highly qualified surgeons
  • 2Operating of international standards
  • 3 Equipment::
    • HD camera and LCD monitor
    • Ultrasonic scalpel
    • Morcellator
    • Bipolar welding
    • High frequency coagulator
  • 4Recording the operation on a USB stick for the patient
  • 5 Microbiological safety, aseptic microclimate of the operating room
Advantages of the inpatient center
  • 1Comfortable rooms with a bathroom
  • 2Friendly staff
  • 3Presence of a nurse call button in the ward
  • 4 Three meals a day
  • 5 Availability of wi-fi
  • 6 Availability of cable TV
  • 7Full medication provision
Recommendations before laparoscopy:
  • Come to the clinic at the specified time (by appointment);
  • Do not eat or drink anything in the morning (as you need to be tested);
  • Take with you the results of examinations, (if you have any), and individual items (dressing gown, nightgown, slippers);
  • Make depilation at Bikini area at home;
  • light lunch (without bread and buns) on the eve of the operation; 18:00 - kefir; until 21:00 drink only non-carbonated water (as much as you want); on the day of the operation, do not eat or drink anything;
  • Make microclysters according to the instructions (̴ 20:00 and ̴ 6:00);
  • > To have with you: a good spirit and faith in recovery.
Recommendations after laparoscopy:
  • Follow a diet (light soup, porridge, kefir, yogurt without filler, dried fruit compote fruit compote and tea without sugar) until there is an act of defecation (2-3 days from the date of operation);
  • Take the pills prescribed by your doctor strictly according to the instructions;
  • Limit physical activity.
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