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Lip enhancement

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Lip enhancement, фото

Today, full lips are in fashion, although a few centuries ago beauty connoisseurs would categorically disagree with this. Full lips are considered a symbol of sensuality and sex appeal, and thin, according to many owners, are perceived as a defect.
For those patients who want to give their lips a new volume and shape, the world of cosmetics and cosmetic surgery offers a wide range of products, procedures and interventions that satisfy almost any need. During the article, we will analyze the basic cosmetic and aesthetic methods that can be used for thin lips.


Fillers are products used in aesthetic medicine to fill empty areas (for example, due to aging processes) or areas that are physiologically absent in volume, as is the case with thin lips. Depending on the characteristics and components, the following types of fillers can be distinguished:

  • permanent;
  • semi-permanent;
  • resorbable or biological.

Permanent fillers are  composed of substances of synthetic origin that are not subject to reabsorption by the body (polymeric materials). Therefore, the results obtained by using this type of product are durable. But not everything is so cloudless. Permanent excipients can cause allergic reactions, side effects and complications even years after their administration.
Semi-permanent fillers  consist of both reabsorbable and synthetic non-absorbable substances (polylactic acid, collagen associated with polymethyl methacrylate, etc.). The results obtained with these products last from one to three years.
Resorbable or biological fillers  – are special types of fillers consisting of substances that can be completely absorbed by the body (collagen and hyaluronic acid). The effect of their use has the shortest duration, from several weeks to two years. This type of filler is the most commonly used because it is best tolerated and provides a more natural result.


In addition to fillers, lipofilling, which is commonly known as the lipostructuring operation, can help increase the volume. ». This is a method of aesthetic medicine, which involves the removal of fat from a patient (thighs, abdomen), which is then subjected to a centrifugal cleaning process and introduced into the body area that requires volume.
The use of lipofilling for filling thin lips is very common, since the risk of developing allergies is practically zero. However, you should be aware that autologous fat is usually partially reabsorbed and may require several procedures .

Side effects

Beauty requires sacrifice, and we must be aware of what it is worth to be mentally prepared if we have already decided on an aesthetic experiment with appearance. Side effects and possible complications may vary. The most common problems are:

  • swelling of the lips;
  • small hematomas;
  • feeling of soreness;
  • local necrosis;
  • allergic reaction.

Keep in mind that lipofilling, in fact, is a real cosmetic surgery, and surgery is performed under local anesthesia. Such an operation is performed exclusively by specialized aesthetic surgeons. If necessary, the lipofilling procedure can be done at the Bogoliuby MC.

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