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The new clinic building is located outside the Volyn Regional Hospital building, next to the forest. The final stop of the city bus is No. 31, 47. You can reach us from the bus stop hotel 'Ukraine' opposite TSUM (department store -Central Universal Fashionable). If you are traveling by personal transport, the address for the navigator: Lutsk district, Tarasovo village, 1 b Lisova St.
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Which moles are suspicion, in which cases you should immediately consult a doctor and whether it is worth removing them, says Borys Mindiuk, a  dermatovenerologist at the Bogoliuby center.

Why do we need to be especially attentive to moles? Are all moles and warts equally dangerous?

Usually dark spots, nodules on the body are called moles. In fact, there are several types of them, they have different origin, course and consequences. One of the types is nevi. They are dangerous because melanoma, a malignant neoplasm, can form from them.
It is worth noting that melanoma can also form without a nevus, on clean healthy skin. That means, the nevus must not be the precursor of melanoma. At the same time, a person with a large number of nevi can live to a very old age and have no problems with them. But nevus is clearly a danger factor. Therefore, they must be controlled. The best way to control is dermatoscopy.
Warts are not as dangerous as nevi. There are no malignant processes in them. Warts are a consequence of infection of the human papillomavirus of types 1,2,4. The virus enters the human body through damaged skin. Quite often this happens with manicure. Unfortunately, not all manicurist use effective disinfection of the instrument (dry heat cabinet). It is better to come to the master with your own individual set of tools. But even if a person infected, it is enough to destroy the virus and remove the wart tissue, to get rid of the problem.

What can lead to the degeneration of nevus into melanoma?

There are two key factors: the first is ultraviolet radiation, the second is trauma (mechanical, chemical or other effects). These factors can cause the nevus to turn into melanoma.
Therefore, the recommendation - in case of injury to a mole, be sure to immediately contact a specialist. Not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but right away! If you hurt, peeled or somehow damaged the mole, or noticed any changes in the mole or areas of skin around it (change in color, size, shape, etc.) - immediately contact a dermatologist. In no case do not postpone this visit!

Why is it important to consult a doctor as soon as possible when injuring a mole?

The fact is that melanoma is a very aggressive tumor that develops and metastasizes very quickly, in a very short time it can create a mass of metastases in various organs. But science is moving forward and today there are drugs that help the body defeat this disease.

How to find out if malignant changes in a mole have begun?

Dermatologists usually have special devices - dermatoscopes, which allow not only to examine the nevus with magnification and in a special (polarized) light, but also to make accurate measurements and photos so that during the next consultation to compare data and choose treatment tactics. The quality of the diagnosis is definitely affected by the quality of the dermatoscope.

Is it bad to have many moles on the body? What determines their number?

The number of moles on the body depends on the features of the skin and the immune system, as well as the state of the body. But this does not mean that when a person is sick or his immune system is weakened, the number of moles on his body will increase.
The more moles - the greater the risk of injury. This does not mean that you sunbathed or damaged a mole - and tomorrow you will have melanoma. But this is one of the risk factors.

Is it worth removing moles for prevention perhaps?

Personally, I am opposed to the removal of nevuses, with the goal of prevention, because the patient "wanted so". But if the mole is located in a danger zone, when there is a risk of permanent trauma (for example, on the neck, in the area of a bra or belt), it is better to remove it, and not wait until it is reborn. In this case, after dermatoscopy, the birthmark is removed to capture surrounding healthy tissues with a mandatory subsequent histological (pathomorphological) examination.

Removing moles is a long time, isn’t it? Painful?

This is a short and, thanks to high-quality equipment, a simple process. Note, that the Bogoliuby MC is equipped in all respects with the best apparatus in Volyn region - Surgitron DF 120. In Lutsk there are similar devices of the same company, but they operate at different frequencies, have less power, and therefore give a slightly different result.
In our Medical Center, removal is quick, effective and safe for the patient, without loss of blood. The wound heals better and faster without leaving a scar. The device that we use, from a cosmetic point of view, makes it possible to achieve better results.
When a mole is removed, the patient does not feel pain, because everything happens under local anesthesia.

What do you recommend to people with moles?

The main thing is to monitor the condition of moles. Best of all - dermatoscopy with photofixation by a specialist.If this is not possible, attach a ruler to the mole and photograph it. Do this quarterly and compare the results. If you notice any changes, consult a doctor immediately!
Give up tanning. Since we are people with white skin, the tanning process is unnatural for us. In order for the body to develop vitamin D, you do not need to fry in the sun!
If you are still in the sun, be sure to use sunscreen to protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.This should be done only if there are nevuses on the body. Note that SPF 30, 50, 70 is not a degree of UV protection, but the time during which it protects.

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