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Acne in a pregnant woman

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Acne in a pregnant woman, фото

Acne is a pregnant woman  – is a fairly common disorder, which is considered absolutely normal in this particular phase of a woman’s life. However, it does not mean at all that they should appear in every expectant mother.
The lucky ones during their «interesting position» have radiant and almost perfect skin, but, of course, every woman’s body reacts differently to changes that occur during this important period.
As a rule, acne appears in different ways, from soft and unobtrusive formations to real acne, which cause significant discomfort. They can have both the appearance of solid reddened lesions (papules), contain pus (pustules), and comedones. The type, quantity and size varies greatly from patient to patient. Similarly, the general symptoms of the disorder manifest with varying degrees of intensity.
Acne can occur in different parts of the body. The place where they mainly appear is the face, with a tendency to concentrate on the nose and chin, sometimes extending to the neck. Other areas that may be affected by the process are the back and shoulders.


The main cause of acne during pregnancy is the hormonal changes that occur in the body of a pregnant woman. Unsurprisingly, the “premiere” of the disorder usually dates in the first trimester. Hormonal changes stimulate the activity of the sebaceous glands with subsequent overproduction of sebum. This can cause obstruction of the hair follicle, which, in addition to fat, also accumulates cellular debris. This phenomenon of accumulation and obstruction provokes local inflammation with the subsequent appearance of acne.
It should be noted that if acne did not appear in the first trimester, then they should hardly be in the coming months. However, despite this, such a probability cannot be completely excluded.


There are numerous folk signs that connect the appearance of acne in a pregnant woman with the baby's gender. These beliefs, often contradictory, are completely devoid of any scientific basis.
According to some of the myths, acne skin should indicate that the unborn baby is – a boy. On the contrary, according to other popular theories, the birth of a girl exactly «steals» beauty in her mother, which favors the appearance of acne during pregnancy. As you can see, the third is not given.

Risk factors

At greater risk for the disorder are patients:

  • with mixed and oily skin;
  • who have suffered from acne in the past;
  • who had tendency to acne during menstruation.


In addition to the usual aesthetic discomfort, acne during pregnancy can cause quite annoying symptoms. Typical, for example, is itching, which may begin to be felt before the appearance of an acne. Sometimes it can be a pain in the future point of appearance localization. Itching and pain can persist even after the formation of acne and be accompanied by swelling of the affected area of the skin.
In severe cases, acne can lead to the appearance of real cysts.


Acne in pregnant women, as a rule, in most cases regress spontaneously. Often there is no need to intervene in the process, and it is enough to keep the skin clean. However, if there is a serious form of the disorder, which is a problem that negatively affects the patient’s life, a doctor’s intervention is necessary. You can make an appointment with a  dermatologist at the Bogoliuby MC for diagnosis and treatment appointment by calling the numbers on the website.
Therapy for the problem is quite complicated, since many of the drugs that are usually used to combat acne and acne have contraindications during pregnancy. In case of emergency, when the risk is justified, the doctor may decide to prescribe benzoylperoxin-based drugs to the patient.
For the treatment of acne, preference should be given to natural cosmetic products, such as creams, prepared with herbal extracts with anti-inflammatory and astringent effects. Typical examples of plants with the above properties are aloe vera and gammamelis.

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