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Urinary incontinence: problem to be eliminated in one day

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In young women, incontinence is primarily a consequence of complex births. Most often, the problem occurs after the age of 40. A woman cannot control herself when sneezing or coughing, even with minor exertion or a change in body position. Her life is gradually turning into a nightmare ... However, the problem is really getting rid of, and quite quickly. How to do this, advises the chief physician of the «Bogoliuby MC», obstetrician-gynecologist, first category doctor, Ph.D. in medical sciences  Vadym Petrovskyi.

Why do women have urinary incontinence?

The most common : is stress urinary incontinence: with coughing, with a sharp change in body position and with other types of not psychological, but physical, motor stress. This type of urinary incontinence is often one of the manifestations of  genital prolapse  - prolapse of the internal genital organs. This symptom complex is associated with deformation or damage to the connective tissue, which forms the ligamentous apparatus, which maintains the position of the uterus. And since the uterus and the bladder are adjacent, displacement of the uterus leads to disruption of the bladder.

Why are organs displaced?

This occurs due to trauma to the ligamentous apparatus (it can be caused by rapid, as well as numerous births, frequent changes in sexual partners, hard physical work or great physical exertion in athletes, etc.). Also, this phenomenon may be associated with the «aging» of the ligamentous apparatus. This is caused by hormonal changes that occur in the body of a woman aged about 50 years. As a result, the ligaments lose their properties, plasticity and turgor. Therefore, everything that they supported under the influence of gravity begins to fall down, and then falls out.
As for the bladder, it lies in the pelvic floor, as if in a hammock. And when one of the walls of this «hammock» erupts, the bladder shifts and does not fulfill its functions.

Hence urinary incontinence. Is there any way to get rid of incontinence?

To date, an effective method of eliminating incontinence is prosthetics of the bladder using an allograft, the so-called strainer. A special strainer is passed through the structures of the pelvis and supports the bladder in the required position. Such surgery is highly effective. The operation gives a very good result!

How much time will the patient have to spend in the hospital?

This is essentially a one-day operation: one day woman comes, the next day she goes. That is, a woman becomes healthy almost the next day and the problem of urinary incontinence disappears. But it is important to limit physical activity for four months.

What else should a woman know about this operation?

The only drawback of this operation is its high cost: the prosthesis itself costs about 700 conventional units. But despite the discomfort that a woman incontinence causes (and this is walking in a diaper, the development of secondary inflammatory diseases,  cystitisurethritis, chronic pyelonephritis - the entire genitourinary system suffers), it’s better to collect the necessary amount, purchase a prosthesis, and perform an operation with an experienced surgeon and forget about the problem forever.

Is it possible to strengthen the connective tissue, the ligamentous apparatus to prevent genital prolapse and urinary incontinence?

Of course you can. Say, in Europe, a practice is very common when women are prescribed hormone replacement therapy during menopause. These drugs take decades, and they support the female body in relative youth. Calcium, collagen, elastin and other substances are not washed out from the body.
And as a result, women are in good shape for a very long time. We take hormonal drugs in the menopause is not very common, so women age faster. Moreover, this aging is manifested not only externally, but also from the inside. All organs age from the skin to the ligamentous apparatus. This process can and should be slowed down.
To strengthen the ligamentous apparatus, it is also recommended to train the muscles of the perineum by performing Kegel exercises. The effect will be if you deal systematically. Exercise should be done every woman after 40 years. This fitness is very important for women's health.

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