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Cervical erosion

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True  erosion of the cervix  looks like a damaged area of the cervical mucosa. It occurs during epithelial injuries or inflammatory processes.

Risk factors for cervical erosion

The many factors that provoke erosion are:

  • improper use of a sanitary tampon;
  • frequent introduction of contraceptives into the vagina (spermicidal contraceptives);
  • inept douching;
  • vaginal  dysbiosis;
  • early onset of sexual activity;
  • frequent changes of the sexual partner;
  • latent infections;
  • viral infections;
  • trauma to the epithelium of the vaginal part of the cervix during childbirth or abortion;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • decreased overall immunity of a woman’s body.

Symptoms of cervical erosion

True erosion is asymptomatic. This is the reason for the lack of attention to it from the patient. If true erosion is not treated, then it degenerates into  pseudo-erosion. Over time, the damaged mucous membrane of the cervix is covered with a cylindrical epithelium, which, as it were, "creeps" out of the cervical canal. Such a substitution is atypical for cervical epithelium. The cylindrical epithelium not only captures new areas of the damaged mucosa, but also penetrates the middle of the cervix. This causes sores that bleed.

It should be noted that erosion is not a peaceful pathology at all, therefore, timely diagnosis and treatment prevent the onset of cancer.

Diagnosis of cervical erosion

The Bogoliuby Medical Center is provided with a unique complex of diagnostic and medical equipment of the latest generation, which allows you to quickly diagnose and completely stop the development of cervical erosion.

To diagnose cervical erosion, we have:

  • a gynecologist's examination;
  • smear on the microflora;
  • colposcopy;
  • determination of TORCH infection;
  • blood test for  syphilis  и and HIV infection.

Colposcopic examination  is carried out by a modern colposcope with an electronic camera (video camera), which records the pathological process before and after treatment (photodiagnosis).

Using a computer information system, we register, systematize and save the received information in an electronic version of the patient’s history.

How to treat erosion

The specialists of the Bogoliuby Medical Center always select the most optimal treatment method for each patient. It can be:

One of the many advantages  of laser coagulation  is the complete healing of the surface of the cervix after 2-3 weeks, without scarring. The procedure is recommended for women who have not given birth, its duration is only 10 minutes.

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