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Nabot cysts

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Today, every second woman in the world is faced with various pathologies of the cervix, 10% of them are associated with retention or  Nabot cysts. The result of an  ultrasound in which the detection of these cysts is noted, scares a lot of patients. But one should not be afraid, but it’s better to figure out what does it mean.
Let us turn a little to anatomy. Inside the cervical canal there are special glands that produce cervical mucus. In violation of the outflow and their blockage, pathological cavities with mucous contents develop. These are Nabot cysts. They come in various sizes, from microscopic to centimeter.

The causes of Nabot cysts

What are the causes of blockage of the glands? This is usually associated with acute and chronic diseases of the genital area, which is favored by:

  • poor personal hygiene;
  • promiscuous sexual intercourse;
  • injuries of the cervix during abortion, instrumental interventions.

You should know that Nabot cysts are not inherited and do not affect the hormonal background, therefore they do not affect the duration of the monthly cycle and the intensity of bleeding. Their presence does not require restrictions on physical activity, water or sun baths, sexual relations. Nabot cysts are never malignantly reborn.

Symptoms and diagnosis

The presence of retention cysts is asymptomatic. The patient does not experience any anxiety. However, with large sizes, they can lead to deformation and even blockage of the cervical canal. This is evidenced by painful menstruation and difficulties with impregnation over a significant period of sexual life without contraceptive measures. All this serves as an occasion to contact a specialist. Usually Nabot cysts are found during preventive examinations.
Examination of the cervix is sufficient for diagnosis. Retention cysts are clearly visible in the  colposcope  – these are rounded formations of white-yellow color against a common red background. If they reach a large size, then they are noticeable when viewed in gynecological mirrors.

Cysts Nabot and pregnancy

Cysts Nabot do not adversely affect the fetus. But due to changes in the hormonal background, the size of the cysts may increase. This is due to the possibility of cervical deformity and the risk of  spontaneous abortion  or premature birth. Also, cysts that were opened during labor, favor long-term healing of ruptures, as they are the entrance gate to infectious agents.

Treatment of cysts Nabot

It is necessary to start the treatment of retention cysts not only for patients planning a pregnancy, but also for those who are not going to give birth. As a rule, before starting treatment, smears for cytology and flora, tests for  Sexual Transmitted Desieses should be taken. The results of the examinations will help the gynecologist to determine the therapeutic strategy. In the Bogoliuby MC, outpatient treatment of cysts is possible.
Typically, a cyst is punctured with a special needle and the cavity is emptied, which is subsequently cauterized with nitrogen, a laser, an electrocoagulator, or a radio wave. The most suitable method is chosen by the attending physician. Do not start Nabot cyst therapy during menstruation, three days before and three days after menstruation.
Within a week after the intervention, pain over the womb is possible. Starting from the second week, vaginal suppositories are prescribed by the doctor's prescription to improve healing processes. For the purpose of monitoring, after a month you should come for a gynecological examination to evaluate the results of therapy.
It is important to understand that retention cysts do not resolve on their own, and alternative methods and douching in these cases are useless.


If the cyst is large, then the inflammatory focus is maintained in this way, both in the cervix and in the uterine cavity. Chronic inflammation weakens the protective barrier, and with its prolonged course, mechanisms leading to precancerous changes are activated.
To treat or not to treat Nabot cysts the patient's personal choice. But if the treatment is offered by your attending gynecologist, then you should not neglect his/her advice.

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З приводу проблеми Вам слід звернутися на очну консультацію до гінеколога. Запис на прийом до спеціалістів центру - за телефонами, вказаними на сайті.
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